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In the video I show three different cameras so that you can get an idea of the quality that various cameras have.

The first is my web cam from the New iMac

It shoots in 640 X 480. Not bad quality but it shouldn’t be relied on if you’re trying to brand yourself online using video.

The second camera is the Flip Mino HD.

It shoots in HD at 720p. You’ll see that it’s pretty good quality. I’ve used it for 90% of my videos in the last year and will still be using it quite often.

It’s so handy to just have it in my pocket and shoot video on the fly.

It’s around $250 so the price is great for the quality.

The third camera is the Canon EOS 7D

It shoots full 1080 HD video. The quality is amazing.

Many independent film makers are now using this camera.

The base price on this camera is $1699 but that only gives you the camera housing and nothing else that you’ll need to make it work.

You’ll need a lens, a flash memory card, a tripod, and an external mic.

Everything included will run you around $2200 for this camera.

If you’re looking to brand yourself online using video then you’ll want to be aware of the camera you’re using.

In future videos I’ll go into more detail on cameras, lighting, backdrops, and many other details of making you look good and sound good on video.

At my site at http://MovieStarEntrepreneur.com I examine the techniques that movie stars use in their movies to make themselves look and sound great.

I break down these techniques in ways we can use them to make ourselves into “movie star entrepreneurs”.

That’s all for now.

Marshall Wayne

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About MARS:
Marshall Wayne, now branded as, “The Movie Star Entrepreneur” made his name in the world of international currency where he turned himself into a well known figure in that world. Using simple video tactics on sites like Youtube, he attracted the attention of The USA Today and was put on the front page of The USA Today Money section, then interviewed by CNN, Wired Magazine, LA Times, and many other business and political publications and programs. Now he’s taking that knowledge and showing other entrepreneurs how they can become celebrities in their market using creative “movie style” video tactics…a term he calls being a, “Movie Star Entrepreneur”.

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