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If you have a Facebook page for your business, you likely got an email today saying “Special Announcement & Weekly Facebook Page Update.” The good news is, Facebook has made some improvements to the functionality of your Pages. When I read this, all I could think was,

“Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for!”

Yes, change is sometimes scary. But trust me on this, these changes were long overdue. If you have a chance to upgrade to the new profile, I highly recommend it. Here’s what you need to know:

All of these changes make your Facebook Page more like your normal Facebook Profile.

This is a great shift for Facebook, in my opinion. If you have been using your page in the past, you may have noticed that it wasn’t able to do many of the things that one would want it to. Your brand couldn’t like other brands, comment on other brand’s pages, or even get good notifications of activity.

With this update, your brand finally gets the recognition it has always craved: it gets to act like a person as the rest of us real people do! The main 4 updates shown on the picture mimic the updates to our personal profiles done a few months ago.

1.) Pages gets real notifications:

This improvement hits a real pain point for me. Unless I checked my page several times a day, I …

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