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twitter-artKelsi here with a little review of Twitters new Lists function.

Sooo, I had decided that I was going to create my next screencast on Twitters new Lists function. I have to admit, this thought came up a little to late. I decided that others have created good enough videos that my added screencast video would not have really made a difference in the learning process.

Instead, I am writing up this review to give my opinion of the lists features, and how it can be used to make a more quality experience on Twitter. I am a newbie in this as well because I have just started to take advantage of the function myself, and now I am noticing the importance.

From the looks of things, Twitter Lists is creating a much more viral and organized environment for Twitter. The reason using this function will be viral, is because by adding people to specific lists, you are endorsing that tweeter as having some type of validity in that category. Now, if I come across your page and see you have a social media list or list of people following you for social media, I instantly know that these are the followers I may be interested in also. This is a great way to meet a “friend-of-a-friend”. Now, this gives a good reasons for others to create a list, buy why you?

Creating twitter lists is simply adding all the people you follow into specific categories so that you can view all of their tweets instead of your entire list of people you follow. I can now simply click on my “social media” list and see what the people I am following, who are related to social media, are saying. This is a tremendous filter function that will cut down on the time used for searching out tweets of the ones I follow for social media.

Lists may also put somewhat of a damper on twitter spam. If you follow reputable people, it is very likely that they follow reputable people as well. Now, when I want to search out legitimate social media tweeters, I will look to the people I trust. You can also see the lists of people who are following the tweeter in question. If they are being followed by a list called “Spam”, then I know for sure to stay away. Also, if no one is following them for social media, then I may not want to follow them.

So that was a few small quick little thoughts of Twitter lists. Below I have added some videos that you may want to watch to learn a little more. Hope this helps a little. Before you go, I would like to know what is your thoughts on Twitter lists? Do you think it can help stop spaw? Do you think it will really create a more viral environment on Twitter?

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