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Guest post by Deborah J. Stewart

Get Schnooked with Deborah!

Over the past year, social networking has taken a front row seat in my career which has been something I did not anticipate. Although I was familiar with tools such as Facebook and Twitter, I hadn’t viewed social networking as being an extremely useful tool in my profession.

Checking out Twitter

I started a twitter account but then just let it sit idle for about six months. I was beginning to think Twitter had no value at all when I began stumbling on the tweets of others who tweeted information focusing on ideas for parents and teachers of young children. That is when the light went on. I realized that with 20 years of experience in early childhood education plus a master’s degree, I do have something to share and I could share it through social networking.

The tools that have made a difference

I now have two blogs, one website, a Twitter account, and a Facebook account all focused on sharing ideas and information to those interested in teaching or caring for young children. In just over 6 months, I have gained over 1200 followers on twitter and over 2000 facebook friends and fans all interested in the field of early childhood education. I have made new friends and colleagues through social networking that I would have never had the chance to meet any other way.

SocialWants to the rescue

Learning to manage each of those sites has come with a few technical glitches along the way and I am completely reliant on online sources for learning how to use all social networking tools. This is how I discovered the awesome support of Kelsi Guidry at SocialWants.

I noticed several people using a really cool application on their FB fan page but could not, after hours of trying, figure out how to get the application to work for me. I searched for solutions everywhere and then came across a video posted by Kelsi for SocialWants. The video walked me through the application set-up step-by-step and presto! My problem was solved. Since that time, whenever I run into a social networking issue, I check to see if SocialWants has an answer.

Since connecting with Kelsi SocialWants, I have also been given links to tutorials on HTML code as well – this has been a huge help!

How can you get “Schnooked” up with me?

If you have small children or teach preschool age children in any capacity, then you will love the ideas and activities I have available on any of my sites. Get Shnooked up with me at the following online locations…

Teach Preschool Online – http://www.teachpreschoolonline.com

Teach Preschool Twitter profile – http://www.twitter.com/teach_preschool

Teach Preschool Facebook Fan Page – http://www.facebook.com/teachpreschool

Thanks SocialWants for all you do and for allowing me to share with others!

Deborah J. Stewart
Teach Preschool

About Kelsi Guidry:
Kelsi Guidry is the founder of MyWants and the SocialWants website. Kelsi’s extensive background in social media has given him the opportunity to provide business owners, companies, and entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge of all available social media products and services. You can check out more of his stuff at KelsiGuidry.com

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