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twitter-bird3There is a hand full of places/platforms that you can update your Twitter status. There are even more applications on each of these platforms that allow you to update your Twitter. iWants.com has created a list of the top applications to update your Twitter from virtually anywhere.

This short list has been created to give you some the easiest and most popular applications that allow you to update Twitter. Also, make sure to follow me, @kelsiguidry, and our website @iwants, on Twitter.


Tweetdeck – Not only is this tool easy to update your status, Tweetdeck is also a great social media organization tool to use on your desktop. You can have one location to access and stay updated on most of your social media activity. Also available for iPhone.

Twhirl – Updating your Twitter status from MAC and PC is simple with this application. Update multiple accounts and be notified of activities. You can also enjoy cross posting to Pownce and Jaiku


Twitterbar – is a great little extension which allows you to update your Twitter straight from your Firefox address bar. You simply type your message in the address bar and click the TwitterBar icon to send it to Twitter. Twitterbar will also shorten your URL’s to 15 characters.


Ping.FM – is a simple online application that makes updating your social networks a snap. It can be used to update multiple microblogging platforms including Twitter. Ping.FM also gives the ability to update your status via iPhone, iPod Touch, WAP, and SMS text.

Twitterfeed – With this neat application, you can update your Twitter automatically via your blog. Each blog post creates a Twitter update. You can even update your twitter via multiple blogs.

Mobile Phone/device

If you read everything above, you know that some of the applications above allow you to update your Twitter using their iphone/ipod touch applications and text messaging. These applications allow you to use them by multiple means, which is great. But what if you don’t have an iPhone, and don’t want to use texting? Maybe one of the following will help.

ceTwit – Windows mobile twitter client

TwitterBerry – A mobile client for posting updates to Twitter on BlackBerry devices.

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